Since we have balanced the importance placed on endeavor and potential success, we then pay respect to every process from escaping our mind from the comfort zone to performing new things more challenging, and we are convinced that all humanities are provided with actual capabilities, competencies, and values deeply concealed and waiting for discovery and development towards the highest goal.

STAGE means “venue”

which gathers all persons with mutual interest, love, and fascination with health, sports, and wellness to perform activities together.

STAGE means “destination”

of persons with preferences in their health, challenges, sports, and needs to maximally develop their capabilities be referencing to the principles of sports sciences under the supervision of specialists.

STAGE means “people”

who believe in new friendship and exchange of inspiration with each other to mutually create the social of quality.

STAGE means “stage”

for coaches and fitness trainers adoring their profession and ready to dedicate their know-how and experiences to build the betterment of changes for Thailand’s circles of fitness and sports.

FIND THE REAL U  ฟิตเนส เลียบทางด่วน รามอินทรา

What We Do

To access the actual capabilities:

What We Do Self-familiarity


Self-familiarity, understanding self-strength and weakness through the scientific procedures;

What We Do Stipulate


Stipulate the challenging goal which could be actually achieved within the timeframe;

What We Do Develop


Develop and plan the training consistent with the lifestyle and needed goal;

What We Do Outcomes


Outcomes that could be actually sensed, measurable and obvious development, and the information to be used for developing training plan towards the more challenging goal;


Fitness Training Plan

Fitness Training Plan

The consulting service ontraining plan regardless of for diet, gaining muscles, or health purpose wouldbe rendered. The program would be designed in accordance with the result ofbody analysis, lifestyle, in order to balance the health goal and duties fromcareer or as a family member.

Sports Training Plan

Sports Training Plan

The provision of the training plan is accomplished to win the targeted competition. The training plan would be designed with reference to current capabilities, the remaining time before the competition, and the period that could be truly consumed for training. The more precision of training plan results from the test results from the Stage Lab.


Sport Lab ฟิตเนส เกษตรนวมินทร์

Sport Lab

Sport Tech  ฟิตเนส รามอินทรา

Sport Tech

State of the Art Facilities ฟิตเนส เลียบด่วน

State of the Art Facilities

Swim School ฟิตเนส เลียบทางด่วน รามอินทรา

Swim School


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