Private Pilates by “Kru Mai Hua”

Pilates is the ultimate exercise that is very useful and can provide posture design for all exercisers, even those with health limitations, whether undergoing surgery, bone problems or even teaching expectant mothers, our highly experienced Master Teacher Kru Mai Hua is guaranteed to deliver impressive health results.

  • For those with musculoskeletal problems, the Post Rehabilitation Pilates class is recommended for that undergoing spinal knee replacement surgery that needs to rehabilitate their muscles after surgery or other injuries, to patients with certain conditions, such as muscular dystrophy. Parkinson's, Breast Cancer, Trouble moving in the shoulder or hip joints, etc.

  • For those who want to focus on the spine, Spinal Alignment classes are recommended, designed for people with scoliosis. / Herniated disc hunchback or hunched back causing chronic pain to those who want to have a more beautiful body with more balanced movement Teacher Kru Mai Hua can also receive a referral case from the hospital.

  • For sports, Teacher Kru Mai Hua has also designed special classes specifically for athletes, such as Athlete Conditioning Pilates. Swimmers, cyclists, runners, and golfers can take this class to take their fitness to the next level.

  • For pregnant mothers we recommend the Pre & Postnatal Pilates class, this class will help expectant mothers to be healthy, positive for their baby, reduce stress from hormonal changes and the body when trained with a specialist. Will be able to practice from the day of conception until the day of delivery or caesarean section. (Must be the case that the doctor did not forbid you to exercise).

  • For postpartum mothers, we recommend Postnatal Pilates classes. It can be done about 2-4 months after giving birth. If it's a natural delivery, you can start when you're ready, but if it's a surgery you have to wait 3-4 months for the surgical wound to heal first. Yes


Kru Mai Hua

Sport Coach ฟิตเนส เลียบทางด่วน รามอินทรา
Sport Coach ฟิตเนส เลียบทางด่วน รามอินทรา
Sport Coach ฟิตเนส เลียบทางด่วน รามอินทรา

Private Pilates by “Kru Jeed”

Many people may not know that Pilates is a specific exercise on the small muscles that are not found in Weight Training, and Pilates can be designed in a variety of ways to meet the individual goals of each exerciser. That “Kru Jeed” STAGE's Pilates Instructors have selected 3 Private Pilates classes in 3 styles to match their goals.

  • Pilates for Postural & Figure Adjustment

    for adjusting the body and shape / this class will focus on adjusting the personality, shape, to be firm, proportional, with graceful walking posture. It is also suitable for those who want to strengthen their muscles and core.

  • Pilates for Sports; Fundamentals & Professionals

    for sports trainers to develop and maximize the potential of muscle use and movement, reducing the chance of injury from sports training.

  • Pilates for Biking

    Specifically for cyclists, it focuses on strengthening the core muscles, back and leg muscles, which are important for cycling. and for long-term protection of the spine


Private Pilates by “Kru Pinn

As a Tri-bullet team triathlete who understands athletes very well, Kru Pinn has designed a Pilate’s class specifically for triathletes. But not only tribal students, there are also classes suitable for all ages to choose from.

  • Pilates for Triathletes This hour will focus on increasing the flexibility of the various muscles, as well as building muscle strength, especially the core of the body and this allows triathletes to swim effectively. Press the stairs harder when cycling. Run better, be more durable, and can also reduce injuries that may occur in sports as well.

  • Shape up Pilates all this hour Kru Pinn will help you adjust the body structure to have a good personality, restore balance, flexibility to the body and make the proportions look tight / fit and firm and more beautiful.

  • Pilates for Senior for the elderly Helping the elderly to practice meditation along with relaxing muscles, creating balance and restoring various systems of the body to work more efficiently and have energy in doing various activities better.



Certifiedof Stott Pilates Reformer Levels 1-2 is an expert in Pilates exercises andprograms. With over 8 years of teaching experience in both private classes andgroup exercises. and is studying sports science to bring various knowledge todesign a program for all the needs of the trainers to be more effective, suchas the elderly who want to increase their balance Relieve knee pain, back pain,sports injuries need recovery. These people want to be healthy and slim, andteachers can also design poses for those who love fitness for fashion.

Suyu  PILATES INSTRUCTOR ฟิตเนส เลียบด่วน

Kru Suyu


Yoga ฟิตเนส เกษตรนวมินทร์
Yoga by “Kru Ai”
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Istarted practicing yoga for the first time more than ten years ago with painafter deteriorating and tearing disc herniation until the pain improved and myinsomnia disappeared. Therefore, he enrolled in the 200-hour Ashtanga Vinyasa(YA) Yoga Teacher Course in 2012 and has worked full-time as a yoga teacher.

Later,he learned Rocket Vinyasa, Hatha vinyasa, Yoga therapy, Dharma wheel yoga, andAntigravity yoga to bring different types of yoga to teach to match the body,mind, or goals of the practitioner.

Suyu  PILATES INSTRUCTOR ฟิตเนส เลียบด่วน

Kru Ai


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Super fun with a dance mix of all generations and all ages, who love music and dance that heats the floor with great fun. Ready to burn as many calories as you can resist with non-stop fun with our experienced dance teachers. Holding the motto STAGE must be on fire!!!

Suyu  PILATES INSTRUCTOR ฟิตเนส เลียบด่วน

Kru Num

Yoga by “Kru Sukh”
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From a young age, I was cultivated in a Hatha Yoga family by my parents to lead a holistic yoga lifestyle that emphasized both internal and external rejuvenation movements, and later I had the opportunity to practice, serious yoga coupled with Bodyweight and has completed the course of a hot yoga teacher from America.

The turning point that led to an interest in Rehabilitation or rehabilitation from injury I have seen the injuries of students practicing yoga. After that, he intends to study the knowledge of Anatomy and Mechanics of Motion or Biomechanics of the Body and has the opportunity to learn and practice movement in a variety of disciplines from abroad until he has an understanding of the basics of human movement.

Over the past 14 years, as a Movement Therapist or Movement Coach, my teaching has focused on applying the fit or fit of each practitioner's body as important and I have blended the strengths of yoga with movement in yoga, various human forms to help in healing and improving the efficiency of movement. See you soon at STAGE Find the Real U.

Kru Sukh

Yoga-Pilates ฟิตเนส เลียบทางด่วน รามอินทรา
Yoga by “Kru Suyu”
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Teacher Suyu with yoga teaching experience Yoga TTC 200 Alliance, teacher's own practice experience for about 8 years and began to be a severe yoga teacher for over 3 years. The teacher has deep knowledge and understanding of breathing movements, entering various asanas with the teacher as both a trainer and an instructor the teacher has made all the basic moves to the most advanced. The teacher also understands the basics of the individual; giving individual options that are not equal, the teacher can, therefore, teach yoga to those who want to increase flexibility, strength, balance, and recover their breathing from COVID-19. office syndrome, including designing a yoga program for the elderly

Suyu  PILATES INSTRUCTOR ฟิตเนส เลียบด่วน

Kru Suyu

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