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Lactate Threshold Test

It is an analysis to determine the muscle limitation of lactic acid that directly affects athletic performance and to develop a unique training plan suitable for athletes who want to push themselves to the top.

Lactate Threshold Test  ฟิตเนส เกษตรนวมินทร์
Lactate Threshold Test
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lactate test Is a test of athletes by increasing the intensity of exertion, increasing the stairs so that each step must control the weight to be stable at the end of each step, a blood sample will be collected, which indicates that Lactic acid concentration acid) do this until the body has a concentration of lactic acid (Lactic acid) threshold, or average limit of approximately 4 mmol, the lactate values obtained from the test were grouped into training zones from light to heavy, Zone 1 to Zone 5, vary from person to person Since the response and efficacy in lactate clearing are different, the lactate test and zones are different from the zone calculations from the device, smartwatch or internet calculator The information is speculative and highly distorted, this will allow athletes to practice in the wrong/wasting zones and potentially cause injury

The lactate threshold   ฟิตเนส เลียบทางด่วน รามอินทรา

The lactate threshold is the point at which more lactic acid is released than the body can eliminate at a certain intensity and intensity of exercise. by muscle And red blood cells, knowing the Lactate Threshold and heart rate at that point will allow us to have more dimensions of training such as Tempo training, which is training that puts the body at an intensity close to the Lactate Threshold Knowing the Lactate threshold will allow you to have a threshold or measure. Aerobic exercises and anaerobic exercises allow us to train accurately and efficiently for the best results., Health Performance Team.


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