Sport Prehab & Rehabilitation

STAGE has partnered with Fixme Clinic to provide you with an efficient structural analysis and physical assessment through a process of detailed individual physical assessment by assessing joint, muscle, and motor function in parts from the experts.


Myofascial Release ฟิตเนส เลียบด่วน

Myofascial Release

This is to loosen the fascia at specific points that cause the body to be unable to move at full capacity.

Sports Massag  ฟิตเนส เลียบด่วน

Sports Massages

It's a massage to rejuvenate your muscles after a competition or strenuous sports practice so your muscles can recover faster and be ready for a new challenge.

Rehabilitation  สระว่ายน้ำ แถวรามอินทรา


Physiotherapy to correct injuries from competitions or training so that you can get back to readiness in no time

Compression vo2max test


The air pressure massage focuses on the lower body to stimulate blood flow and flush waste from heavily trained muscles.


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