Sport Conditioning

Refers to the training for the development of sports performance. This training will be provided in several aspects such as power, strength, endurance, speed, etc. Any athletes or persons interested in sports are capable to join this training.

Additionally, strength and conditioning training helps in preventing and mitigating injuries that may besuffered by athletes since everybody could develop their power, strength,endurance, and speed, but if the good condition of physical performance is notmaintained, any injuries could be incurred. Any previously training programsmay cause insufficient benefits, therefore, preventing injuries is anothersignificance to be accompanied with performance development.

STAGE Find The Real U has gathered professional coaches to provide you with assistance on sports performance enhancement to enable your body to be ready for various sports skill postures. Coaches will design and develop a training system individually for each athlete including the education on correct exercise and strength practice postures.

Moreover, coaches will stimulate athletes during training. Strength and conditioning coaches will perform pre and post-evaluation of athlete performance to apply the result therefrom to assist training planning in the future.


YosMake your life by yourself.



YosMake your life by yourself.



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